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woensdag 5 februari 2014

Androidjs.org finally online!!! :D

Hi everyone. So i worked at my site for some time and now it is finally online!
So you can now follow the latest news on www.androidjs.org!

donderdag 30 januari 2014

LG G Pro 2 Photo leaked!?

It seems there is a picture leaked of the LG G Pro 2.
This picture shows in basic the same design with a white color.

LG does seem to do better when it comes to sales of there phone and they are trying to keep up with the big names like Samsung and Apple (and of course stay infront of brands like Sony)
The LG G pro 2 should be competing with the Samsung galaxy s5. But we do have to ask if it is something in the same class because the Samsung galaxy s5 will probelly have a 5.2 inch screen where the LG G Pro 2 will have a 6 inch screen. This is a pretty big differents and it is known that big phones don't sell as mutch as the smaller mid range size phones around 4,7 - 5 inch.

So are you waiting for this new phone? And do you hope it will look like this or where you hoping for a new look?

Possible Samsung Galaxy s5 Firmware seen

The date keeps getting closer and closer when we get to see the Samsung Galaxy s5. But the news does keep showing up. More and more rumours show up and now there is a new possible firmware. This shows something that kinda looks like the Story Album most people have on there Samsung. 
But this supports apps like facebook, message, google+ and more. 

The guys from Sammobile.com got there hands on these shots. And it looks pretty nice and sleek supporting the idea that samsung is working on a new styl for there Samsung galaxy S5

The codename of the phone is SM-G900H
But we cannot confirm that this is the Samsung Galacy s5. 
So we are still playing a geuss game. It could be that it is a phone just made for the people in Asia. 

Possible scratch free screen for Iphone 6

There are a lot of rumours going around when it comes to what Apple will do with there new phone, the iphone 6. Now there is a new rumour. This time there is talk about a new type of screen that could be a scratch free screen made out of sapphire

This news comes from the from http://9to5mac.com/2014/01/29/apple-aggressively-pushing-to-take-arizona-sapphire-plant-live-in-february-for-critical-product-component/

The site claims it is a document that has bin leaked and with that it seems that there is a hi change that it will get a screen like this.
But we do have to wonder on what level de scratch free works. It is the same idea as the LG G flex with the selfhealing coating. It does make scratches less but it cannot take the deeper scratches away.

But it would be good from Iphone to put this on there phone and at the end we have to wait and see what they will do with this.

zondag 26 januari 2014

Samsung galaxy gear 2 concept work in progress!

Hi everyone. I am working on my next concept! This time the gear 2. I have given a curve on the side, on that you can put apps. When you get a message you can slide it to the middle and it will open.

Also the idea of air gesture is on it.

donderdag 23 januari 2014

Third-party covers wont work on the Samsung galaxy note 3 after a the update!

It seems that Samsung is blocking the third-party makers of Samsung cases with the latest update that comes to the Samsung galaxy note 3. If you install the update it could be that the Third-party makers cover (s-view) would not work anymore. It would not function like it did before.

Samsung already said they wanne stop the third-party users from selling Products that Samsung made for there Samsung devices. What third-party users do i just make a same cover and let it function like the real deal, but for less money.

It seems that Samsung is starting working against that with the new update and some people mind find out that there third-party user s-cover wont work anymore.

New Samsung patent shows phone without home button

Again there is a picture online that shows a Samsung device. It is unkown what this device is but it shows a phone design without a button. This is something Samsung always had and in this patent we see a phone without. 

But we also see something that might be the fingerprint scranner but i could be mistaken. You can see what i mean on the right side on figure 3. Here you can see a bar and some strange lines going over it. (however you also see them in the middel and it could more or less give of the roundness of the device) It could be that this is the fingerprint scanner. 

What we can also see is a strange boc like idea on the back that we normally only see on the front. 
It look pretty big but it is unsure rather this is a box or something else. 

We can also see some strange lines going over the phone. This could be a texture idea or something like that. 

On the sides we only see 1 sets up buttons and again does strange lines. It seems to be a pretty round device from the picture. which can be seen by look from above and below to. 

Is this the Samsung galaxy s5?